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The Mission Viejo Swim and Racquet Club, also referred to as the Club, is a non-profit organization incorporated in June 1965. We are a swim and racquet club governed by a Board of Directors consisting of homeowners. The Swim & Racquet Club governs the club facility and its common area only. We do not govern homeowner's property or property improvements in any way. In 1989, when Mission Viejo became a city, the Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club no longer had jurisdiction over Deane Homeowner's property, homes or landscaping.

The Swim & Racquet Clubs Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are related to the running of the Club and facility only. Complete PDF documents can be downloaded below, as well as member forms, Club Rules and Regulations and polices.

The MVSRC CC&Rs and By-Laws documents are secure documents. Please contact the office for login credentials. As noted, these documents are "read only" and may not be printed.

Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club General Emergency Rules

The following Temporary MVSRC Facility Use Rules are intended to make using the MVSRC facilities accessible to the membership while promoting good hygiene and proper social distancing. Please understand that the risk of infection associated with COVID-19 is an unknown and, while MVSRC is taking precautions to minimize the risk, there is no way for the risk to be completely eliminated. Thus, please understand that USE OF THIS FACILITY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Also, please understand that MVSRC's ability to keep its facilities open and to mitigate the risk related to COVID-19 is dependent upon everyone working together with social distancing and doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Updated Emergency Club Rules as of Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

ALL EMERGENCY RULES - APRIL 21, 2021 -rev 496k
Updated 4/21/21 Emergency General Rules 164k
Updated 4/21/21 Emergency Rules for Pool & Jacuzzi 164k
Updated 4/21/21 Emergency Rules for Tennis Courts 153k
Updated 4/21/21 Emergency Rules for Fitness Center
. . . . . . . . . . . . waiver included with this document
Gym Members must sign: Fitness Center Usage Waiver

All previously adopted MVSRC Emergency Rules documents can be viewed or downloaded from the online timeline archive.

The rules and policies of the club facility are for all members and their guests to follow. Rules and policies are set by the Board of Directors and are enforced by the Management and employees of the Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club. Click on subject below for more detail information or required forms.

General Club Information and General Rules
Membership Identification Card Requirement
Pool Rules
Tennis Court Protocol and Court Reservation Information - revised 09/17
Board Election Rules & Procedures
Policies with accompanying forms

Club Rental Contract & Questionnaire 286k
. . . .Club Rental Fees
Pool Party Contract Application and Guest List - updated 01/2020 218k
Homeowner Rental Form
Family Member/Tenant Form

Assessment Collection Policy - 126k
Payment Due Dates
Dates Late Fees Applied
Dates Interest Will Be Applied
1st Qtr- January 1st
January 16th
February 16th & March 16th
2nd Qtr April 1st
April 16th
May 16th& June 16th
3rd Qtr July 1st
July 16th
August 16th& September 16th
4th Qtr October 1st
October 16th
November 16th& December 16th
Download Fee Schedule PDF for yor records - 25k

Summer 2019 - 2.7MB
Summer 2018 - 2MB
Summer 2017 - 1.8MB

August 20 - 68k
July 20 - 67k
June 20 - 65k
May 20 - 65k
January 20 - 64k
November 19 - 65k
October 19 - 63k
September 19 - 61k
August 19 - 69k
March 19 - 67k
February 19 - 62k - rev.
January 19 - 71k
November 18 - 71k
October 18 - 72k
September 18 - 61k
August 18 - 63k
July 18 - 65k
June 18 - 67k
May 18 - 74k
April 18 - 68k
March 18 - 71k
February 18 - 63k
January 31, 2018 - 58k
January 24, 2018 - 70k

December 17 - No Meeting
November 17 - 71k
October 17 - 68k
September 17 - 63k
August 17 - 80k
July 17 - 64k
June 17 - 63k
May 17 - 62k
April 17 - 67k
March 17 - 70k
February 17 - 74k
January 17 - 80k
December 16 - No Meeting
November 16 - 68k
October 16 - 67k
September 16 - 63k
August 16 - 62k
July 16 - no meeting
June 16 - 66k
May 16 - 69k
April 16 - 70k
March 16 - 77k
February 16 - 74k
January 16 - 68k

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