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1. How can I become a member?
The Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club is a private homeowner's association. Membership is through the ownership / deed of the homes in the Deane Tract.

2. Is the Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club affiliated with Lake Mission Viejo?
No, we are not affiliated with LMV, their phone number is 949-770-1313.

3. Is the Mission Viejo Swim & Racquet Club affiliated with the City of Mission Viejo Facilities, such as; Montanoso Recreation Center, Sierra Recreation Center, Felipe Tennis Center?
No, we are not affiliated with the City of Mission Viejo or their centers. Please go to the "Useful Links" navigational button on our website for phone numbers and link to the City of Mission Viejo website.

4. What are your hours of operation?
- The Club hours change 2 times a year; Fall hours are 9am until 8pm daily and begin on Labor Day.
- Summer hours begin on the first Saturday after Saddleback Unified school year session ends.
- The club is open 9am until 9pm during the summer months
- Hours are subject to change without notice

5. How many guests as a homeowner am I allowed to bring to the pool?
Homeowners are allowed 6 guests per day per household.

6. What do I have to do to use the pool and other amenities?
A membership ID card is required; please refer to "Club Announcements".

7. At what age can my child obtain a membership ID card?
- Children 7-9 years of age may obtain a membership id card with parent's authorization and after passing a swim test. They may swim when lifeguards are on duty only, unless under adult supervision.
- Children 10-13 years of age may obtain a membership id card with parent's authorization and after passing a swim test. They may swim when lifeguards are on duty only, unless under adult supervision.
- Children 14-15 years of age may obtain a membership id card with parent’s authorization. A swim test is not required. This age group is allowed to swim without a lifeguard on duty however their guests are not permitted to swim if a lifeguard is not on duty.
- Children 16-17 years of age may obtain a membership id card with parent's authorization. A swim test is not required. This age group is allowed to swim without lifeguard on duty. However, if their guests are under age they may not swim without lifeguard on duty or adult supervision.
- The club reserves the right to ask for proof of age and guests ability to swim, a test may be requested by staff or lifeguards.

8. What does the swim assessment consist of?
The swim assessment consists of swimming the length of the pool and back without stopping. They may swim in any manner they choose as long as they do not stop. If they cannot make it, they will not be permitted to obtain an id card and will require adult supervision to be in attendance to use the pool.

9. What age is considered "adult supervision"?
Eighteen years of age

10. When will the pool be heated?
The pool will be heated until December. Heaters will be turned back on March / April depending on weather.

11. Why is the pool not heated year round?
To cut down on costs associated with heat a pool during the winter months.

12. What is the temperature of the pool / spa?
- The pool is heated to 85 degrees and can range from 83-86, depending on the weather.
- The spa does not exceed 104 degrees per the Health Department regulations.
- The spa is not recommended for young children.

13. Can anyone rent the club?
Only a "Deane" Homeowner / member may rent the club facility. Renters / tenants may not rent the facility

14. I belong to a non profit-organization; can I rent the club for that organization?
As the homeowner and member of the association you may rent the club facility for birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions, including the non-profit organization you belong to as long as you are in attendance throughout the event and pay all associated costs for renting the facility. If a vendor is hired to cater, decorate, play music (DJ), etc., they must name MVSRC as an "additional issured" for the event date, and provide eviddence of insurance prior to the event.

15. Can my child wait inside the club house after school to wait until he/she is picked up?
We would never say "no" to any child, but we are not an afterschool care facility. However, in a pinch we see no problem.

16. Can I use the amenities such as the refrigerator or the freezer if I was having a gathering at the pool?
Please do not count on using this amenity and make other plans for keeping food cold during your gathering at the pool.

17. How old do you have to be to use the weight room?
You must be 16 years of age to use and enter the weight room for safety purposes. Under age children are not allowed to even sit in the weight room. They may wait in the club reception area if there is no activity or event going on at the time.

18. Can I use the parking lot to sell my car or use it as my other driveway?
No, the parking lot is for members and their guests using the club facility only and your car may be towed at your own expense. Leaving your car overnight may also result in no car the next morning. Please contact the O.C. Sheriff's department if your car is not where you left it, the phone number can be found on the signs that say "Club Facility Parking Only".

19. Can I bring my own drinks / food to the pool area?
- Yes, you may bring your food to BBQ or have lunch at the patio tables provided. Please do not eat or drink in the pool or near the pool's edge (coping).
- You may bring your own beverages, but NO GLASS containers of any kind are allowed in the pool or spa area.
- Staff may require members or guests to open coolers to safeguard against having glass containers in their possession. All glass containers will be confiscated.

20. How do I make a Tennis Court / Pickleball Reservation and obtain a key to the tennis courts?
- Court reservations may be made up to 24 hours ahead of time by phone or in person at the office. Reservations left on the answer machine will not be accepted.
- Tennis keys may be purchased in the office. There is a $5.00 non-refundable charge. Only one key per household is allowed. If a key is lost, there will be a $25 charge to replace the key.

21. How do I get a key to the facility to use the pool, spa and weight room?
- We do not issue keys to the facility other than the tennis court.
- You must obtain a membership id card.
- Entry to the club facility is during normal operating hours only.
- For pool and spa access; give your name to office staff, they will look to be sure you have an updated membership id card on file. Upon verifying your id and that your account is in good standing, they will buzz you through the pool entry gate.
- Have a great day!

22. Can I reserve the BBQs?
- BBQs are on a first come, first serve basis during our normal operating hours.
- The only exception would be if a homeowner has scheduled a pool party.
- If you plan to use the BBQs, please bring your own utensils as the club does not provide utensils.

23. Can I hold a pool party anytime? How many people can I invite?
There are many rules regarding pool parties, please refer to "Rules and Regulations".

24. Can I reserve the pool?
25. How do I receive the wonderful MVSRC "EMAIL BLAST"?
Send Heather an email, and request to be added to the email list or fill out an authorization form in the office.

26. How much are our Assessments?
- Effective January 2023, $144.00 per quarter; and are due on the 1st day of January, April, July, October.
- Assessments are considered late on the 16th day of the month and subject to late fees and or interest.